Patented technology bringing ultra-high sensitivity to LFA point-of-care diagnostics

Helping to Detect and Control the Spread of Infectious Diseases throughout the World

Malaria, HIV, Meningitis, and many other infectious diseases (IDs) are the leading cause of illness and death throughout the Developing World. Vigilant has been actively working on better diagnostic solutions for these disease states in partnership with leading international institutions. Sources >

Resource Rich Countries are also looking for better solutions for point of care treatment as costs escalate and faster, easier diagnostics are seen as a crucial step in better care. Vigilant is working on Flu A & B (link to NIH grant and paper+), Streptococcus, Clostridium difficile, and other areas like C Reactive Protein (link+) where regular testing can potentially lead to overall better understanding of a person’s general health.

Tested to be 8 times more sensitive than colorimetric measurements using current LFAs. VigilantDx is poised to offer the newest generation of nanotech enabled point-of-care diagnostics on the market – with virtually no change in sample preparation or testing protocol – in the near future.

VigilantDx’s patented Thermal Contrast Amplification (TCA) device combined with optimized Lateral Flow Immunoassay (LFA) test strips provides fast, quantitative, simple to use point-of-care information about a patient’s disease state.

Infectious Diseases kill over 17 million people per year.

–World Health Organization

Infectious Diseases account for 68% of years of life lost (YLL) in developing nations

–World Health Organization

3,000 children die of Malaria each day
– John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, November 18, 2011
1.1 million people in the US are living with HIV; 1 in 7 of them don't know it. Testing is the first step in reducing the spread of HIV.
– Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
An average 200,000 Americans are hospitalized with influenza each year.
Rapid Detection Saves Lives
VigilantDx technology delivers the accuracy needed in rapid identification of infectious pathogens in 10 minutes of less – – a fraction of the time needed by traditional lab culture tests. Rapid disease detection enables a rapid response to prevent or minimize a health crisis.
Point of Care Technology Saves Costs
VigilantDx’s technology brings the sensitivity of lab tests into the doctor’s office, saving time, money and potentially fewer follow-up visits. In-depth diagnostic feedback of a patient’s disease state also allows for efficient treatment that can take into account appropriate dosage levels and types of medications.
Point of Care Technology Enables Better Treatment
VigilantDx technology will provide the physician better, faster data to treat patients more accurately with a more individualized approach to their disease state.

The VigilantDx Difference:

Simple and cost-effective with no need for trained lab technicians or expensive supplies, VigilantDx’s technology leverages all the advantages of the well-known LFA technology but now with ultra-high sensitivity. This high sensitivity excels in providing both confirmatory level testing as well as quantitative measurements for better monitoring of disease states and overall markers for general health. We are targeting our product line for point-of-care- use in hospitals, neighborhood pharmacies, busy travel centers, rural country areas and remote parts of the World.


The Vigilant Diagnostic team are all experts in their fields.

CEO, Vigilant Diagnostics
Interim Director-Institute for Engineering in Medicine
Chan Research Group
University of Minnesota
VP for Product Development

VigilantDx is grateful for the support of the CDC and the NIH in bringing advanced medical diagnostics to the world.


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